Cameron Villas is a transitional living recovery residence (sometimes referred to as a halfway house) designed to provide a safe and positive return to a sober, productive, and happy lifestyle. The first thirty to ninety days of recovery has proven to be a time vulnerable to relapse. It is crucial to provide those in early sobriety with the preventative measures proven to be successful in recovery. It is our contention that a dedicated effort is necessary after treatment to provide a smooth transition into a challenging environment. If you are convinced that a structured program of continued recovery is your goal, Cameron Villas will help. It is our goal to aid in transforming our residents into the best version of themselves possible- giving back the son that mothers and fathers have missed out on, and enabling growth that leads to an unimaginably bright and successful future.


Cameron Villas has two complexes in Palm Beach County- Palm Springs and Lake Worth. Our complexes are in a quiet, private setting and are designed only for men who are committed to a sober lifestyle. We are centrally located in one of the largest recovery regions in the nation, close to recreation, entertainment venues, and many various job opportunities. Our management and staff are trained to highlight skills necessary for success and set standards by providing a positive example, as each of them have experienced transitional living and able to attest to the benefits it provides. They are always available to offer assistance in all matters pertaining to recovery. At Cameron Villas, the healing of body, mind, and spirit is able to take place without the distraction of outside elements. We are a truly essential part of recovery that is dedicated to helping a man become the best man he can be.