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City Place


A hub of activity in West Palm, City Place is home to a number of shops and activities. The gorgeous outdoor environment is often ripe with movement and music. Within City Place are many shops and businesses (many whom are constantly hiring!!), great food, and it is home to the Improv- featuring many famous talent from all over the world! City Place is roughly only five miles from Cameron Villas.

The Beach


Florida is home to many miles of beautiful Atlantic Oceanfront beaches. Palm Beach Island, Lake Worth Beach (Pictured), and Rivera Beach are just a few of the beaches that Cameron Villas residents are able to enjoy. Deep Sea Fishing, surfing, beach volleyball, sunbathing, and local entertainment are just a few of the many activities possible at the many oceanfronts available within a short distance of Cameron Villas.

Night of Freedom


Night of Freedom is a Friday night event that is fully directed towards people who are in addiction and recovery. It is a night to enjoy sobriety and have clean, sober fun. This provides a safe haven on a “trigger night”. Free food, music, cards, dominoes  ping pong, air hockey, and live music. They recognize birthdays and end the night with a message and then give away bicycles!  More info can be found at their website.


Atticus Lalor

Co-Owner, Community Manager


I have been clean from drugs and alcohol since October 2004. Through divine intervention, I have been given another chance at life. I cannot count how many institutions I have been in over the last 20 years. I have seen first hand, the horrors of drug addiction. Through God , The 12 steps, and helping others, I have maintained my sobriety. Today, it is the most important thing in life. Without my recovery there is no family, love, balance, and absolutely no will to live. I believe it is not only an honor, but my duty to reach out to those who want and need help. I believe in the concept here at Cameron Villas and I am grateful that I am a part of it.

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