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"CV saved my life, period. First halfway house and was lucky to receive help and guidance from everyone. Picked up a year clean and I owe them all the respect and gratitude I can offer."



"I've lived in other sober living communities but Cameron is something different. The fellowship here is something I haven't been able to find in other houses. The staff genuinely cares about me and does everything they can to help. I would recommend this house to anyone that wants to stay sober."


"Cameron Villas was my first sober living ever, it's awesome the managers are amazing everyone is like family. They helped in so many ways never stayed this clean in my life."


"I have been to many sober houses. Cameron villas is the best I have been a client at. the staff are very helpful and they really care about you and your recovery. I have been a client since February 4th"


"Ive been here for 7 months now an the whole time has been excellent. I def recommend this house to anyone that truly wants to stay sober. There is great support an great managers. Thank you Cameron Villas for everything"



"Cameron Villas is similar to many sober living houses in many ways. There are some differences though, some strengths Cameron has that many houses lack. Sober living is supposed to be a transitional period, and Cameron Villas does an excellent job preparing you for sobriety outside of a structured environment. The staff of Cameron consists of recovered addicts and alcoholics that have experience living the twelve step way of life. I have been out of Cameron Villas since early December 2013 and I have lived reasonably comfortable being drug and alcohol-free."


"Cameron Villas is awesome. It was my first choice when looking for a sober living home and I am very glad I came. The staff are very helpful and so are the other residents."



Atticus Lalor

Co-Owner, Community Manager


I have been clean from drugs and alcohol since October 2004. Through divine intervention, I have been given another chance at life. I cannot count how many institutions I have been in over the last 20 years. I have seen first hand, the horrors of drug addiction. Through God , The 12 steps, and helping others, I have maintained my sobriety. Today, it is the most important thing in life. Without my recovery there is no family, love, balance, and absolutely no will to live. I believe it is not only an honor, but my duty to reach out to those who want and need help. I believe in the concept here at Cameron Villas and I am grateful that I am a part of it.

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